A Selection of Media Resources to
​Sharpen Your Conflict Resolution Know-How

NPR’s “In It Together”
Get some tips to navigate difficult discussions around the pandemic and the election

Talking Politics without Ruining Relationships — Dan interview in Oprah’s Magazine
Get some tips to listen with less anger, argue with more grace, and find a way to higher ground

The United States of Emotion — a CNN Exclusive Report
Check out Dan’s advice for bridging political tensions with family and friends.  

Overcoming the Political Divides (Dan’s video that’s gone viral)
Dan offers three practical tools to reduce polarizations in the U.S.

How to Resolve Any Conflict — Even Nasty Political Ones
Dan describes in detail how to talk tough politics–without giving in

The Power of Intuition — Dan in major documentary
Watch Dan in the award-winning documentary InnSaei — now in 55 countries

The Power of Metaphor
Check out this fascinating interview in Business Insider

TALKS @ GOOGLE:  Learn the secrets to Negotiating the Nonnegotiable!
The debut of Dan’s new book at Google

How to Negotiate the Sacred — and the Rest of Life
Meghna Chakrabarti of WBUR (NPR affiliate) interviews Dan

On Dating and Diplomacy
Dan’s New York Times op-ed:  Why do we reenact the same dysfunctional behaviors?

The Secret to a Happy Relationship!
Dan’s cool Tech Insider video

Before your next Fight, Read This
Dan’s article in O: the Oprah Magazine

Why We are So Addicted to Divisive Politics
Dan’s article in Time Magazine

How to Negotiate with a Reprehensible Adversary
BBC interview with Dan

​4 Keys to Resolve Conflict with Your Kids
Dan’s article in Brightly Magazine

How Do You Negotiate the Nonnegotiable?
Fascinating interview of Dan with famed host Marty Moss-Coane of WHYY Radio